Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of the most effective treatments physicians and patients use to restore and/or eliminate health issues and symptoms associated with decreases in our body’s hormone levels. Widely popular and available for treatment, hormone replacement therapy aids patients suffering with; weight gain, fatigue, decrease muscle mass, decrease sexual drive and more. Bioidentical hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone are identical in their molecular structure to hormones created by men and women in their bodies. The difference is bioidentical hormones are synthesized and extracted. 

Symptoms of Low Testosterone (Low T) 

Like women, men also experience age-related hormone levels, including testosterone deficiency, commonly known as “Low T” and as early as in their 30’s. 

When men experience Low T,  some of the most common symptoms they may notice include:

  • Excessive weight gain or pockets of fat in the abdomen
  • Hair loss
  • Wrinkly, deflated skin
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased libido or loss of sex drive, leading to erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Anxiety, depression, and other nervous habits
  • Lack of mental clarity, motivation, emotion

Symptoms of Low T gradually develop over time. These symptoms relate to the decrease in your body producing testosterone and progesterone, with an increase in estrogen. A decline of human growth hormone production as well may also contribute to Low T symptoms.

HRT- Treatment 

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, HRT involves comprehensive blood testing and consult to help rule out any additional medical conditions. Once your tests come back, our medical doctor will create a custom treatment plan to restore hormone balance, and improve your lifestyle. 

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Andropause doesn’t have to be an unavoidable stage of aging. With Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), patients see remarkable results. HRT is shown to replace the lost testosterone and promote many benefits, including:

  • Boost of Energy
  • Increase in Lean Body Mass
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Increase in Overall Well-Being
  • Much, much more!